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How PalRobot works?

Pal Robot is a Facebook App, what makes it fast, secured, and easy to use.

Step 1: Login with Facebook

Click on one of the "Login with Facebook" button. This will allow PalRobot to connect to your Facebook account in order to use the Facebook services.

login with facebook

Step 2: Approve the Pal Robot app

Facebook will take you through a "two step" processof approving PalRobot App. Click OK to approve connecting to your profile:

how to approve palrobot app

Note our Privacy Statement: we will never share your personal details with anyone - the information is taken so we could improve posting to your chosen persona Then click OK to allow Pal Robot post on your wall:

approve palrobot

Note that PalRobot is 100% safe: you could stop PalRobot at any time and also if wanted, remove the app at any time and terminally

Step 3: setup your preferences

Now choose what: to post, which persona you prefer and how often to post:

setup the pal robot poststo friends

1 - Choose if to post photos, movies, status lines - or all.
2 -How often - you may get 2 posts a day, 1 post a day, twice a week, once a week, or stop Pal Robot from publishing until you decide to re-activate it.
3 -Persona - is the type of person that is presented in your Pal Robot posts

Warning! Pal Robot is taking no responsibility on the chosen persona! You must regullary check your wall and delete or add posts.

Well done! Pal Robot is up and running for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Pal Robot free?

Yes, PalRobot is 100% free.

2. Can PalRobot phish my Facebook password?

No. Facebook send us an encrypted token which allows APPS to act on your behalf. At no circumstance your password is exposed.
Please note basic security guildlines: we will never email you or ask you for your password or for any other personal information. Never share your password with anyone.

3. Can I choose different personas?

You could change your Pal Robot persona at any time.

4. How often could Pal Robot post to my wall?

Maximum frequency could be two posts a day.

5. Are Pal Robot posts children safe?

PalRobot do not post XXX rated content. However some of the content - photos, movies and texts - may contain offensive or aggressive language / visuals. We urge you to check all posts made and clean (delete) any post which does not fit with your personal standards.

6. Can I stop using Pal Robot?

Of course. You may stop using Pal Robot temporary, or terminally.
To temporary stop PalRobot from publishing to your wall:
- goto
- Login to your account
- De-select all the posts types (Photos, Movies, Status Lines)

Alternatively goto the "Publish" section, and select "NEVER (stop!)"

To remove Pal Robot for good, follow the following process:
- goto your Facebook account
- goto "settings" -> Apps
- identify the Pal Robot APP in your settings:

Identify PalRobot in the apps list

- Click "EDIT"
- Click the "Remove App" as highlighted below:

remove palrobot

If you stop using PalRobot, please also give us feedback how we could improve. Thanks!

7. Where do you take the content from?

All of Pal Robot content is taken from the public domain - Youtube, Wikipedia and other sites.

8. Can I use Pal Robot after I removed the App??

Yes. Just follow the approval process by login with Facebook.

Thank you for using Pal Robot!

Sample Posts for Personas

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Please write us if you have any questions or feedback.We will try our best to reply to you as soon as possible.

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